Customer Reviews

"I am thrilled with my purchase of J-pedals. I used to struggle with clipping in/out - especially at busy intersections or an unexpected stop. J-pedals are so easy to use I don't even have to think about it or plan ahead at all. The magnets are incredibly strong and I never have a problem with them slipping with max effort or climbing hills. If you're thinking about buying a pair, do yourself a favor and do it!"


"ROADIE REVIEW-I just got back from a 1-1/2-hour ride on your pedals. I must say I am extremely impressed. You really have calibrated the pedals and combined a surprisingly strong connection with an extremely easy release. I hit a few punchy climbs in the big ring in an effort to pull out and could not. At the same time, "unclipping" was quite easy. Also, the learning curve to get used to a new accessory was noticeably short and steep. I know you know all this, but I am impressed."

Denver, CO

"MTB REVIEW. I won't go back. I rode 1/2 a season on broken pedal after rock strike. If on other clipless pedals I would not have been able to finish the ride. J-Pedals are durable, easy in, easy out. They are a crossover between clipless and flat pedals. A good surface area that takes advantage of the sweet spot, never needs adjustment. You never lose a screw, bend a spring or a clip, because there are none, just powerful magnets, and a pocket to hold you in!"

Salem, UT

"MTB REVIEW- First reaction. Wow, I did not feel like I was going to die!"

Salem, UT

"ROADIE REVIEW-Commuted on these pedals EVERY DAY last year - 10 miles per day through all conditions including snow and ice. They make clipping out at stop lights no issue and I have noticed an ability to get to the pedals faster than other clipless pedal users. Pretty innovative use of age-old technology."

Denver, CO

"MTB REVIEW-I have ridden both flats and clipless pedals and now riding J-PEDALS. I have found they are safer than clipless, meaning easier to get in and out of while riding. They also have better float so when cornering you can get your weight down and lean into the pedals more than a traditional clipless pedal. There were many times going downhill that I would go hard into a turn trying to get my weight down and pop out of my crank brother pedals. J-PEDALS hold very well with pressure in the turns. Riding J-PEDALS feels more like a cross between flats and clipless pedals. I find more confidence going uphill and downhill riding J-PEDALS. Fantastic ingenuity and quality built into J-PEDALS."

Elk Ridge, UT

"ROADIE REVIEW. Falling over is a thing of the past with J-PEDALS! Easy in, easy out! I am just as connected to my bike with J-PEDALS as I was when riding Shimano Ultegra's or Speedplay, however, J-PEDALS eliminates the risk of staying clipped in during a fall, allowing you to avoid injury, and/or embarrassment! J-pedals really are life changing. I have been riding my J-PEDALS for over 2 years now, and I absolutely love them! I will NEVER go back!"

LA Jones
Hanford, CA

"ROADIE REVIEW. When I first began my adventure in cycling, I had often heard of the "break-in" period of clip-less pedals, and how many times you fall and eventually learn how to use them. I witnessed it in action and saw the wounds from falling over clipped in. I did not want to be a statistic, so I went straight to J-PEDALS, a magnetic clip-less pedal system. Let me tell you, there is no learning curve because you do not need it. When you start to fall your foot comes off the pedal naturally. I found this out for myself - While riding with my husband (who also rides J-PEDALS) up a steep hill, my chain broke! In that split second of panic knowing I am about to roll backwards I slammed on my brakes and immediately fell to the side... onto my foot! J-PEDALS literally saved me! I shudder to think what the disastrous result would have been if I were using regular clip-less pedals. I am so grateful I have J-PEDALS. The ease of use and the accident saving design won me over first try."

Hanford, CA

"My Pedals? Yeah, they’re Magnetic J-PEDALS!"


"I was riding home the other day and ran into a friend of yours riding the J-Pedals. I just happened to recognize the shape at a red light. Very cool to see them out on the road."

Denver, CO

"ROADIE REVIEW. You are secure, and yet It is not a terrifying connection!"

Salem, UT

MTB Review- My name is Isaac, I’m 15 and I've been mountain biking for 6 years now and I love it, especially when you have J-PEDALS! Personally, I like them better than clips. They are so much easier to get in and out of them! For the many times I've crashed I have been fine because of them! Now I'm fearless when I ride with them! I feel like I could do Red Bull Rampage!! I've been riding with them for about 4 years now and I haven't had a single problem! Thanks to Reed Jentzsch’ MAGNETIC J-PEDALS I can ride like I never have before!!

Salem, UT